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Review: Telenti Tahitian Vanilla Bean Gelato

So, I promise that I’m not on a kick here (okay, so maybe I am), but these Talenti Gelato’s have kept finding their way into my freezer, and I’m stalling while I work on getting a decent picture of a new sweet potato recipe that I want to share.

So, this time we’re looking at Talent’s Tahitian Vanilla gelato. Now, it may come as a surprise, but as much as I like ice cream, I very rarely dig into some plain old vanilla. I’m truly a mix in guy at heart, and that’s probably why I love Ben & Jerry’s so much. Well, the amazingly intense flavor of the last Talenti I tried has gotten me to step out of the usual, and give a classic a try.

Now for me, vanilla ice cream has always been a second fiddle to other desserts like apple pie, or fresh brownies. It’s not something that I usually tackle alone. Still, after the last flavor, I wanted to see what this gelato would do with something so…vanilla.

Wow….yeah…umm…wow. This is once again a very intense experience. This is not some mild-mannered pasty frozen second stringer. This vanilla flavor is in your face. The intensity of the vanilla flavor actually had me setting down my spoon after the first bite. This wasn’t because there was anything wrong, it was simply because I needed a moment. I didn’t know that vanilla could be so rich. It’s like the punch of a dark chocolate, except with the purest vanilla flavor.

Talenti really took something plain and made it extraordinary. I will say that, hands down, this is the best vanilla frozen anything that I have ever tried. It should never be sullied by even the best of grandmother’s pies. It is a masterpiece all to itself in its plain white splendor.

So, if you are a vanilla person, and I mean really a vanilla person, give this a try. It is the essence of the flavor, and will have you making some inappropriate noises for something eaten with a spoon.


What’s New: Diet Pepsi Cherry Vanilla

So, throughout this blog I have mentioned my drinking habits. More specifically my soda drinking habits (I don’t drink alcohol on a regular enough basis to have anything close to a habit there). Well during my week, I am still fighting to tone it down, and at least now primarily drink Waist Watchers version of Cream Soda. It’s pretty tasty, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about today.

On weekends, I happily rejoin the world of normal soda. Still, this usually is limited to diet sodas, simply because I like the taste better. Well, my friend Kyle grabbed something new while we were at the store: Diet Pepsi Cherry Vanilla.

Luckily for me, he let me try some. I wasn’t sure going in if I would like this new drink. I mean, I love Diet Pepsi, and Diet Pepsi Cherry is always tasty as well. Still, I’m not a fan of creamsicle-like things, even though I enjoy cream soda…I know, I make no sense.

Well, you only live once, and the worst that would happen is my friend might have me spit the drink back in his face, so I gave it a try…and it is a WINNER!!! This new soda somehow combines the cherry and vanilla into something like cherry cream soda instead of a cherry creamsicle, and I love it. Luckily, they don’t stock this yet at work, otherwise my soda problem may face a slight relapse. Still, go out and try it for yourselves, it’s a tasty treat.