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New Borderlands DLC Announced: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

Some people read the morning paper. I crack open my Google Reader with its tech-filled goodness of things like Gizmodo and Kotaku. Well, this morning Kotaku offered up something very nice in the morning news. Apparently Gearbox Software, the makers of Borderlands, have officially announced the awaited-with-baited-breath third DLC: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx.


Above is one of the released screen shots from the DLC courtesy of Kotaku’s coverage of the announcement. Check out the other screen shot that they have there. So, the rumors appear to be true: the level cap will be raised with this expansion to…well I guess that never got mentioned, but just like WoW addicts, and increase will most likely be heralded as the second coming of the messiah or something like that.

To me what’s more important is the promise of LOADS of new content with the supposed largest DLC yet. I really enjoyed the Zombie Island of Dd. Ned. It added missions, room to level, not to mention hilarious and corny horror/thriller killing action. Just remember Ned is completely different from our kind friend Dr. Zed (just look at the mustache!).

I have yet to download and play Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot. I like a little story, and not to mention experience, for my game play.  While there is no official release date for this promising-to-be-epic DLC of General Knoxx, we can apparently look forward to some good times for characters between levels 34 and 50. Can’t wait! Keep an eye on Kotaku for the latest news.


Fable 2: Knothole Island Review

So, I was not too quick to follow up my previous post about Knothole Island in Fable 2. This is because, I felt it was only mediocre. The added items were nice, with more slots in weapons, the ability to remove augments from weapons, armor instead of cloth for those medieval types, as well as a slew of potions to change appearance. The problem was with the additional quests. Don’t get me wrong, any new content after a game has released is nice, but the story of the quests was just kind of pointless. There was nothing to drive a character to work for them. Sure, there was some loot, but as far as enriching story line, there wasn’t much. I give Knothole Island for Fable 2 an ‘OK’ because it was a nice bit of extra content.