What’s New: Wicked Whoopies

So, these aren’t particularly new, as I first found them in college, but they are delicious, and worth a mention.

So far, I’ve only found Wicked Whoopies at some random Hannaford’s Supermarkets. One of the things that makes Wicked Whoopies so great is that they are based out of New England, with there locations primarily in Maine. Nothing is better than local when it comes to a New England classic treat: Whoopie Pies.

Now on to the actual product. Wicked Whoopies makes…well…whoopie pies. They move beyond the standard to include things in there lineup like mint, pumpkin, maple, and my new personal favorite, oatmeal cookie. They are all delicious, if not a bit rich. Still, they are the best whoopie pies I’ve found not made by my mother. So, go out and grab one, and enjoy a good old New England treat.

  1. I’ve never seen this before. They look sooo good!

      • approacheszero
      • May 26th, 2010

      They are all very delicious. I still need to try their mint flavor as it sounds delicious in this summer heat. I’ve also found that they get better if left in the fridge for some time.

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